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.4nUpdateStar Are you serious? Almost 700 updates for the one machine? I would say it is a little better, but don't you think it is about time that you got a computer that has not been totally f***ed up by Microsoft for a while? Get a Mac!This article is more than 4 years old This article is more than 4 years old An Australian court has ordered two banks to pay $200m to the man convicted of the murder of Melbourne gangland figure Carl Williams. A jury found Ryan Conroy guilty of the murder on 18 March this year and he was sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 32 years. During the week-long trial, the jury heard Conroy ordered the murder of Williams, 37, by his then-girlfriend, Brodie Chandler, for $1m in cash. Conroy, 22, ordered the killing in January 2014 when he was in contact with associates, including members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang. On Wednesday morning the Victorian supreme court ordered Westpac and NAB to pay $95m to Chandler and $105m to her mother June Williams. Conroy’s lawyer, Robert Richter, said his client was “desperately upset” about the outcome. “It is an obvious injustice that Ryan did not get a fair go and that he should have been found not guilty,” he said. Richter said Conroy would now appeal to the high court for a retrial. “It’s a really tough time for Ryan, he’s devastated,” Richter said. “You know what? He is supposed to be in prison for life. That’s all he’s known and that’s all he’s going to know.” Richter also said he did not believe the order was a victory for Chandler, who he said had lost her job and was in a “deep depression”. Chandler’s solicitor, Julie Toth, said her client was happy with the court’s decision. The court heard Conroy was in contact with associates including members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang. A covert police officer recorded Conroy discussing the murder plot with those associates.



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Kodak Secure Link Client Software Download
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